Clr IRD  Claremorris & District Integrated Resource Development Co Ltd

Sheltered Housing in Claremorris

Clár ICH has secured funding of 5.2 million euro for the construction of thirty six houses at Mayfield, Claremorris, County Mayo. The scheme comprises of 36 units of accommodation and a communal building for the provision of administrative support and social activities for the elderly. Houses will be occupied by those who are over 65, people with disabilities, and returning emigrants in need of housing.

Aerial Photo of Mayfield Lake, Claremorris

Mayfield Lake in Claremorris for the Sheltered Housing scheme


Clár ICH, a voluntary housing association, aims to promote sustainable living in Claremorris. This is achieved through the advancement of two fundamental objectives:

  • To demonstrate how social housing initiatives such as Mayfield Sheltered Housing Scheme can be the spearhead for introducing renewable energy sources into the community. The Mayfield Sheltered Housing Scheme has the potential to be a showcase of sustainability incorporating good practice in land use, solar design, waste and waste water management and the promotion of biodiversity. As well as this it may also serve to promote the rational use of energy consumption and the development of renewable energy sources.

    To achieve this objective Clár ICH are participating in a European Partnership entitled ‘NEES’ - Natural Energy Effeciency and Sustainability' in the Northern Periphery Programme. The ultimate aim of the partnership is to investigate and research natural products and technologies for energy efficiency.

  • To investigate the feasibility of providing quality adaptable accommodation to meet the needs of people with physical and neurological conditions allowing people to live as independently as possible with the maximum degree of choice as to how they live their lives.

    This objective will be achieved by installing care related technologies and inputs that will assist those requiring supportive accommodation. Should a person with a neurological impairment or acquired injury require accommodation, Mayfield Sheltered Housing may be in a position to provide an alternative to a nursing or group home situation, allowing the individual to live independently in a supportive environment where a continuum of services can be provided. An essential part of assisting young people to live independently will be the ability of the client and Clár ICH is to access integrated and primary and community care services and work in partnership with statutory and voluntary agencies.

Mayfield Lake, Claremorris, County Mayo